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Time for a Brugs Beertje visit!
This bar certainly is still one of the best beer pubs here in Bruges.
Since Daisy has left the building, nothing has changed, except that you can pay with card now.

Sunday afternoon around 6pm.
Not too crowded, and that's how I like it.
Famous Brugs Beertje attendee Black Beasty sitting at the bar there on the right side..... as usual.... makes the picture really complete  t_u
Actually, we should call hem "Grey Beasty" these days. (same for me though  :-\ )
It's always a pleasure sitting in the front room.
Much more cozy and much more going on too. The view towards the bar is amazing !!
But also the view towards the walls, covered with ancient Belgian beer/brewery commercials.

A close-up gives this very rare commercial from Patersbier Abdij Steenbrugge.

I have three kinds of the original glasses in my possession.
The two ones on the left side - with yellow lettering - came from my mother who gave them to me.
It's from the period early 60's, when my mom's parents had a café in Sint-Kruis (south of Bruges)
There is the existence of similar glasses with white lettering, but I still need to find them though.
You can see one on the commercial!
The one on the right side was bought at a local flea-market.

Unopened Abdij Steenbrugge bottles! Jeez, I sure would want to taste one  :ohno-1:

Time for some historic facts about this beer:

In 1898, Steenbrugge beer was first brewed in Steenbrugge Abbey, also known as Bruges' Sint-Pietersabdij. The location of the abbey, which was founded by Arnoldus in 1084, explains the name that the beer still proudly bears.

The beer was also brewed by the brothers of the Benedictine St. Peter's Abbey as a table beer for their own use between 1914 and 1943. The father's brewery was located outside the monastery buildings. The requisition of the copper boilers by the Germans brought this to an end. The fathers only made fruit wines.

The fact that the people of Bruges are very loyal to their local beer became clear when the production of Steenbrugge beer was stopped during the First World War. The locals rioted by taking to the streets and convincing the abbey to restart the brewery. And that happened!
The beer tradition was taken up again in 1958 by brewing engineer Broes of the cooperative brewery Du Lac.
In 1960, Du Lac was taken over by Brewery Leopold from Brussels. In 1965 brewing was stopped and in 1972 the plant was demolished.
Leopold was taken over by Artois Brewery in 1976 and closed in 1981. Later this became Interbrew, InBev and Anheuser-Busch InBev. 
In 1965 brewery Leopold from Brussels brewed the beer at the absorbed Brouwerij Lootvoet from Overijse. For the first time, this father's beer was brewed outside the city.

From 1972 it was Brewery Costenoble from Esen (Diksmuide), nowadays being brewery De Dolle Brouwers (!), that took on the brewing of the Steenbrugse fathers beer. It was not until 1980 that an agreement between Brouwerij 't Hamerken and the Benedictine Fathers brought the beer back to Bruges. But in 1982, the trade fund of 't Hamerken was taken over by Brouwerij Haacht and the last major brewery from Bruges was in danger of disappearing. Toon Denooze of De Hopduvel from Ghent, however, continued to keep the brew kettles warm in 1982 by brewing the beer Stropken there.

In 1983, the new De Gouden Boom brewery was founded on the site of 't Hamerken. This resumed, among other things, the tradition of the Steenbrugge fathers beer. The double brown was even joined by a blonde tripel. St. Arnoldus, patron of brewers and founder of St. Peter's Abbey in Oudenburg and Steenbrugge, adorns the labels of this Bruges abbey beer.

In 2003, Brouwerij De Gouden Boom was completely taken over by Brouwerij Palm in Steenhuffel, which has since called itself Palm Breweries. In 2004, beer production in Bruges was transferred to Brouwerij Palm. Palm added another blonde and white variant to the Steenbrugge range.

It's clear that the commercial, the bottles, and the glasses were from the period that the beer was still brewed inside Bruges at brewery Du Lac!

History makes me thirsty, let's have some drinks.....

That excellent 9.9 vol% coffee beer Ines from 't Smiske is still available!
It's passed its BBDate, but NO single oxidation was noticed.
What an amazing beer from brewmaster Johan Brandt!
Really way too bad Johan has stopped his brewery and sold the whole thing  :-\  ::::::(
That's a sure damn loss in our Belgian beer world  :-[

Two beers at no charge thanks to BAB, the local Bruges' beer club.
Guldenberg from De Ranke is beer of the month, and when being member of BAB, you get this for free  t_u
This is one of my preferred beers from this brewery.
It is very earthy hoppy, but also has that nice malt sweetness counterbalance.
It's brewed already for decades, and still is a true masterpiece!

Paired with the mixed dish (€8.00) makes it a complete feast  t_u

Well, that's it folks.
Let's leave the place with a nice picture of the friendly house dog, called Simba.
That's an extra cosy moment you won't regret for a second.

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