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As we still have consumption checks, it's time to get rid of them. They are only valid till the end of the year.
The fun thing is that you get to places you would never go to  t_u

Here is a typical example ...

Brasserie De Kronemolen
Torhoutsesteenweg 416, 8210 (Veldegem) Zedelgem (

A place that gladly accepts consumption checks.
A tavern you normally would go for eating. Lunch and dinner. But one really needs to make a reservation, which we did not do. Dinner period was full booked  :ohno-1:
But no problem as we arrived at 3.30pm. and could go for beers and a small snack. We had to leave around 6pm. for the people who have made a reservation to get their reserved table.
Actually, when we arrived we were lucky to found a table free, as all the people were finishing with their lunch. Dessert time.
Strange to see that around 4.30pm. the tavern was nearly empty  :drunken_smilie: Actually this is a great rest period for the staff inbetween lunch and dinner.

I went for local beers, and Katrien's 1st beer was Trappist Westmalle.
I choose the Wuk Blond + (8 vol%).
Brewed for at Brewery De Feniks (Gullegem)
A dangerous drinkable sweet hoppy fruity hazy blond beer with alot of density.
It's fruitiness is remarkable, but be careful, quite dangerous drinkable, as said.

Our second beer is that lovely BarBelge.
Brewed for Bebob BV at brewery Eutropius (Menen)

I like that beer alot!
Because it is so unique in flavor. Alot of different spices has been used here.
And I can assure you that saffron and turmeric are one of them.
You can taste it, but you can also see the yellowness in the foam and the beer.
Quite a dry beer too.
It is only 6 vol%, but jeez, what a flavor concentrations. Very hoppy too, but the spices are the thing here.
Lovely stuff  t_u

To pair things, we went for the mixed platter.
I think this platter was really top-notch  t_u
The cheese sticks were such a delight  t_u


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