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A very nice re-visit of De Heeren van Liedekercke was done on the way back home from 1 week of relaxing Belgian Ardennes Holiday.
This place was indeed nicely laying along the track back home to Bruges, and it is an Original cafe book entrance too.

De Heeren van Liedekercke -

It's been a long time ago when we visited. Must have been more than 8 years ago. wow.
But see, nothing has been changed !!! As if time stood still  :eyes:

We were given these walnuts as appetizer. Nice time spending with cracking the nuts.
Showing the Original Cafe book gave a free appetizer and a free house beer!

Here is the house beer we got at no charge.
Heerenbier - a brown beer at 8,5 vol. %, introduced in 1996.
With this product they wanted to show that brown beer doesn’t have to be sweet.
In making this beer a specialist mix and knowledge is used to combine just the right amount of malt and hop types to create a lightly sweet taste with a bitter aftertaste.
The result from dry hopping…
Brewed to their recipe by Boelens (Belsele).
A truely excellent beer !!

My choice was completely different!

Black Rocs Stout @ 7.5%
A nice collaboration with Barrel of Monks Brewing - Boca Raton - Florida - USA, and Brasserie de l’Abbaye des Rocs - Montignies-sur-Roc.

Wow, that was an amazing beer !!
It is only 7.5 vol% strong, but that felt much more powerful. So much flavor concentrations too.
Not really that dry or Xtreme burnt hop bitter. This is more mellow, sweeter.
But those Cognac barrel flavors!! AMAZING !!!
Such an OAKY experience, and it also gives those tobacco flavors, i.e. cedar wood. Similar to sipping the finest Spanish oloroso sherry  t_u

Yes, that sure is a true masterpiece IMHO!!!

Needless to say that the food at Heeren is wonderful too !!!
Don't forget that DHVL is one of the best beer restaurants in the world!
Tha's the MAGIC job of beer master Joost De Four and his brother, master chef cook Tom De Four.  :appauding-1:

Look how appetizing that gratinated spaghetti and lasagne are  t_u

I'm speechless....

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