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Bruges beer pub 't Brugs Beertje has launched a new anniversary beer.
It is called Hijsen (transl.: Hoist)

October 2021, time stood still for a while in 't Brugs Beertje. We said goodbye to one of our most beloved bears. We did our grief, we went to do some hoisting and... we created big plans again! We are proud to present our new birthday beer on April 1, 2022! In honor of Brugs Beertje bartender Nelson and for our 39th anniversary.
Brouwerij 't Verzet brewed an extremely hoistable New Zealand pale ale for us!
For each glass that you come to lift in 't Brugs Beertje, we donate €0.50 to the Center for the Prevention of Suicide! And this until the last drop of the brew is used up. Lifting 2000l for a good cause!
Transl.: "It has been four years since we released a brew on the people of Bruges," says café owner Dries Brouckaert. That happened with the Hazy Daisy, a reference to the previous manageress. "In October 2021, our bartender Nelson took his own life. He was a very popular bartender, beer connoisseur and friend. As a tribute to Nelson and for the pub's 39th anniversary, we had a special beer brewed at Brouwerij 't Verzet in Anzegem." "Hijsen" is a New Zealand pale ale of 6 percent. The aromas are dominated by the New Zealand hops Nelson Sauvin. "This ingredient is responsible for the fruity scents such as kiwi, gooseberry, passion fruit and white wine. Nelson could not drink beer without adding the word hoisting, hence the name," says Dries.

A beer I had last sunday.
It is a refreshing hazy IPA at 6 vol% with a lot of citric hops from New-Zealand.
Available from tap, and pourted into these new BB glasses. Came at €4.00.
A nice tasty refreshing citric hoppy IPA.


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