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Last weekend was a joy!
The annual Tourpes en Activité event took place again.
It always happens on the last weekend of September.
It is the first time again after the longish boring Covid period..... good heaven !!
Note that brewery Dupont is located inside Tourpes, and their beers are widely available at the happening at quite some democratic local prices.

For example here inside the big tent, placed just aside the brewery.
You simply go to the cash register to buy your desired beer(s), and head straight to the bar where all the beers from Dupont are offered from tap or from bottle.

The menu shows a nice beer choice

Let's start with a 75cl. bottle of Moinette blonde at 8.5 vol%.
Paired with cubes of the Moinette cheese that's been seasoned with Moinette blonde.
€4.00 is a great price :)

We often go to this event. Actually, every year to be precise. Such a great Sunday afternoon spending of time.
BUT...... it is the ever first time that I see they also offer their best beer, called Avec les Bons Voeux.
Actually, this is their seasonal winter time beer. Goes at a respectable 9.5 vol%.
A beer that drinks so easy and smooth.
Quite similar to the Moinette blonde, but this one achieved an upgrade towards more quality!!!
That bit sweeter, that bit more body, more alcohol, more flavor....

It is a joy attending the fest, as one can also visit the brewery at no charge.
One can buy beers, cheeses at the attached shop(s).
There are street activities too, and many tents to enjoy beers and cheeses.
In others words, a highly recommended event  t_u


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