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I noticed a small difference lately with the Gouden Carolus 25 cl. beer glasses!

There was a free glass when buying a bunch of Gouden Carolus Whisky Infused.
It's actually the old shape of glass!
My new glass is on the left here.

Today, these 33cl. glasses are common. But this is a wine shape glass.

To my surprise, I notice that the volume is a bit bigger. About 1 cm taller.
The one on the right is made according the original chalice glass from the period that Gouden Carolus came into those painted 25cl. bottles. Hence that smaller 25cl glass.

That new glass is surely made in 2022, as the M22 witnesses.
This one is stil supposed to be the 25cl. tasting glass.
But why that slightly change towards a taller glass?
Well, actually it is a wonderful subtle tweak into more conveniency.

I can only explain when doing a side by side tasting with the old and the new 25cl glass.
It's actually possible to pour the 33cl volumes completely into that 25cl glass.
But looking carefully, you'll see that the original glass on the right side is quite full!
It's nearly impossible to take that glass, and not spilling some beer.
That extra tallness clearly solves that problem  :)

Yes, Belgian beer, it's all about the details  t_u

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