Belgian Beer Board
A small Belgian beer guide has been launched a couple of months ago.
Small, because it only covers the region of West Flanders.
But it is so BIG in its contents!!

The booklet can be ordered through their website at
That's what I did, and see, yesterday it nicely arrived at home with snailmail.
Actually, this is an initiative from "Westtoer": Koning Albert I-laan 120, 8200 Sint-Michiels - Brugge.

The initiative is called "Het Lekkere Westen" (The Tasty West), referring to the West part of Belgium, i.e., the province of West Flanders.
This year's ambassador is Dominique Persoone ( ), famous chocolatier here in Bruges! ( )
He is originated from West Flanders (Bruges), hence his nomination.

All details on their website: (==> redirects towards
The English language section isn't that excellent IMHO  ::)
There is also a Facebook page:

The commercial, featuring Dominique Persoone, giving the info in (cleaned up) Bruges' dialect.

It's all about our local great gastronomy, and Belgian beer sure is part of that.
So, they made a special beer section too!

I think this a wonderful initiative  t_u

It is possible to see the booklet as PDF!

Dutch language version:

And ! .... there is also a precious English language edition too  t_u  t_u  t_u  t_u  t_u

I'm quite impressed with that booklet, because it is so COMPLETE!
Shows all the best beer pubs, and the list of the breweries is perfectly up-to-date!
Great easy reading articles about breweries, beer pub reports, info beer bicycle tours, beer shopping, beer museums, name it.....

Actually, this is a must have for everyone visiting West Flanders for the beers and gastronomic pleasures.

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