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It's a free from work week for us this week.
Excellent period to visit beerpub/tavern De Snelle Duve at Snellegem, near Bruges.
It only opens on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays, hence visiting this place was a great possibility.

De Snelle Duve - Isebaertstraat 50 - 8490 Jabbeke

As said, located at Snellegem. A small village near Bruges, incl. the word "snelle" (fast).
The pub is called De Snelle Duve. That's in English, the fast pigeon. Duve being Westflanders dialect for duif (pigeon).
Quite an appropriate name for a pub in Snellegem. :eyes:

This place is dedicated to the local pigeon sport, and everything inside is one big showcase.
A truely pleasure when visiting, and having some food and drinks.

We arrived at 4.30pm, and the place was full! No place left, except inside the pigeon cot! Damn... :)

Sitting inside the pigeon cot, and feeling very lonely!
But the two beers we had were from an excellent quality!

Playing with the candle, which was settled inside a red colored glass pot gives the triple a nice red effect when placing it behind the beer.

Time to move!!! There was a table free, and we could move towards it. Lonelyness vanished by a second :)

Our second beer! Again, quite some satisfaction.

Moving the camera upwards gives an image towards the big bar.
People enjoying. Alot of elderly people. (includes myself)

We paired with delicious cured ham. The essential Wostyntje mustard makes it complete.

Looking to the left gives this cosy corner with quite some luxury retro chairs.
But that corner was occupied. I took the picture when people left, but we were already sitting at a table next to it.
That'll change the next people that were sitting there wanted to change their place with our table.
They wanted to eat something, and that small table wasn't exactly appropriate for that.
No probem for us to change, as we wanted to eat the mixed platter.
So, that's actually our 2nd. moving. Anyway, that's great to see the place in different angles.
Wow, what a soft chairs they were. We could actually hava a nap.... but we didn't :)

We were settled, and ordered our final beers.
At that time, it was already 8pm !!

What a joy, having that rich mixed platter. The beers we paired were an extra completion and a fantastic treat.

Later on, the place became empty. Alot of people already have left the building.
Even the people that we changed our place with.
Here you see the table we were previously sitting.

Folks, paying De Snelle Duve a longish visit sure will give some precious Burgundian quality time!
Highly recommended by yours truely  :smbbb:


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