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Monday -

Woke to clear blue skies so today was the perfect day to see the sights. A short walk to the beach and we decided to take a ride on the funicular car to the Monte Igueldo amusement park that overlooks Ondarreta Beach - but first a look at El Peine del Viento, three very rusted works of art that look like large metal knots bashed and weathered by the crashing Mediterranean Sea.

Funicular time and it was a quick walk behind the large indoor seafront tennis courts to the foot of the hill and with all the Swiss looking chalet style houses we could have been in the Alps not Spain.

Buying our tickets from the ancient looking brick building we took our seats on the equally ancient looking wooden tram that sits on a 45 degree angle, it was quite the impressive spectacle

In minutes we were trundling up the hill, through woodland and past impressive large detached houses before arriving at the top and into a medieval themed fairground, sadly being out of season it was only open at the weekend but that did nothing to detract from the breathtaking views of the beach and city below and in the distance snow capped mountains, so after taking many pictures we took the wonderful ancient rickety ride back down to sea level

Seeing as the weather was so pleasant we decided to walk around the bay to the old town area and it was here that we stumbled across a true locals bar, a place filled with elderly gentleman. This was by no means beery but one of those special moments you come across by pure chance, to sit amongst locals drinking (as we did) Sidra and enjoy a couple of Pintxos is a memory that will long stay with me.

Linda decided to walk further towards the outskirts of town to do one last spot of beer shopping at Lauter Craft Beer, a small yet modern 2 room bar and bottle shop with 16 taps and a lovely selection of beers to take away.
Seeing as it was just 30 minutes until they closed for lunch we chose just one beer each, we both selected a very local brewery named after the area of town we were in...Gross.
Linda chose a Sticky IPA and me a Niri Bost NEIPA both amazingly fresh, the friendly and knowledgeable owner talking us through the beers as I shopped and I chose so real stunners.

It was time to take the long yet enjoyable walk home but on our way called into a Pintxos bar for delicious empanadas and Sidra, on our way home we walked by the harbour and sat watching the fish swimming in the crystal clear Mediterranean

Sadly it was now time to pack in readiness for tomorrows early departure, so after careful packing of cans, bottles, jars, chillies and much salami it was back to Bar Pepe to finish just as we had started our San Sebastián adventures.
To give you some idea of costs we had 2 large beers each, a Sidra, a Vermouth and 5 dishes (2 Pintxos) and the cost...just under 40€

So there is San Sebastián and question is how does it rank (Spain wise) well before our visit our No1 spot was Barcelona but San Sebastián has more than matched it...maybe it's our new No1 spot.

We are DEFINITELY returning only this time for longer and on a family trip because the kids would absolutely love, it ticked every box - fantastic bars, delicious food and beer, warm friendly locals, fantastic sights to see, beautiful beach...really what more could you want.

A very happy
Jay t_u

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