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It's day 3 folks...festival day ­čŹ╗

Now seeing as we only need to be back for the 4pm kick off it means we have the morning to explore so it's off to the Torvehallerne market to pick up a few bottles at the Mikkeller and Friends bottle shop, so a quick taxi ride and that's exactly where we were.

The bottle shop had a Fremont bottle release just 2 days previous and luckily they still had quite a few available, my choice was a 2021 Barrel Aged Dark Star and a few special cans before moving on a couple of stalls to Tapa Del Toro (can't say that we're not creatures of habit).

After strolling around both markets Linda suggested a stroll back to our hotel in the direction of Peders, so after a lovely walk through ├śrstedsparken public park we were outside the very unassuming cellar bar Peders (this is a bar that's very easy to miss and walk right on past) but hidden as it maybe it also was packed but again our luck was in as we bagged the only empty table.

They have had some serious heavyweight tap takeovers the past couple of days and out of the 38 beers available well over half were Barley Wines and Imperial Stouts but seeing as we had the festival in a couple of hours it was just the one beer for me but what a beer I chose - Jackie O's BBA Oil of Aphrodite, 12.5% Imperial Stout with black walnuts aged for 12 months in Bourbon Barrels...delicious.

Time to leave and get ready for the festival but not before Linda sent me outside whilst she picked me a special bottle to bring home and she chose a 750ml stunner from Forager and my first from this Minnesota brewery.

It's festival time and time to join the masses at ├śksnehallen, the large venue just moments away from our hotel in the Vesterbro area of town.
With an hour to go the buzz and excitement of the festival was filling the air, people all around sat at tables sharing beers, opening bottles and getting into the beery vibe.

At 4pm the doors opened and we let inside, the scramble began - Linda heading to the left to nab a seat and me heading towards my first beer choice and the beer everyone was talking about, from Toppling Goliath it was their Vanilla Bean Assassin - however when I saw the line of people queuing I quickly changed my mind, it was the full length of the venue and almost back to the entrance (heard reports later that the wait time was 50 minutes) it may be a white whale of a beer but no way was I wasting a quarter of my time to try just one beer.

The rest of the festival was spent sampling some amazing barrel aged Imperial Stouts, fruited sours and DIPA's.

At 8pm the bars closed and a Mikkeller stall opened selling freshly brewed IPA's whilst the DJ played music to the dancing crowd at the after show party, the atmosphere was electric as the whole building partied the night away, what an amazingly perfect end to another stunning MBCC.

Our final day to follow...

Jay  t_u

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