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It's time for my birthday trip to Porto and after setting off early on our 2 hour flight we arrived in Northern Portugal, a 30 minute taxi ride later and we arrived at our hilltop hotel - The Moon and Sun.
After a speedy check in we ventured out to a sunny, dry and breezy Porto, seeing as it was only  11am we decided to first visit the Bolhão market for a bite to eat and a couple of well earned coffee's.

Refreshed and it's time for a bit of exploring which leads us to the harbour area and the mightily impressive Ponte Luis bridge, this was the most picturesque area for our first drink, nothing special as this area was geared up for the tourists so a Super Bock it was, lovely for sitting in the crisp cold sunshine with the hustle and bustle happening around.

With such an impressive iron structure looming high above us we decided to walk up the very steep, cobbled, ancient backstreets to the bridge above and walk across with stunning views of the Duaro River well below.

After taking many pictures and videos we decided to head back in the direction of our hotel and on route decided upon a "proper" beer so popped into the Craft Beer House, a Belgian Strong Ale and an IPA were chosen (both from Portuguese breweries) and both delicious in own unique way.

After stopping back at the hotel it was time to visit a bar high on our list and hopefully some food as well, so a short stroll and we arrived at the craft beer bar Catraio.
Our first choice was one from Portuguese brewery Doris Corvos - To The Other Side (8% DIPA) and a Puhaste - Colours of Abundance (12% Chocolate and Cherry Imperial Stout) then it was upstairs to the rooftop bar for a pop up BBQ from El Japa and chose a Portuguese sausage chilli and charcoal roasted chicken tacos, both properly delicious.

Delicious food

After a couple more beers (plus some to take away and a fantastic Catraio hoodie) it was time to head back to our hotel (we have been up since 3am) however whilst walking back along the beautifully yellow lit backstreets and just 2 corners from home I noticed a display of Belgian beers in an innocent looking bar window...inside we went.
A lively packed bar and served the most friendly and cheerful barmaid my first choice a St Bernardus 12, a beer that needs no introduction and priced at just 6€. Sitting in the low leather chairs this was proving to be the most perfect end to an amazing first day but just one last beer for the road so a Filou was chosen at 5€ before heading back for a well earned sleep.

Day two to follow 🇵🇹

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