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Day 2 folks

Today was the day to tick off the "to do" list - for me food and Linda a bar.
So kicking things off with my foodie must and it all centres around my foodie hero, the late Mr Anthony Bourdain and in particular a Cachorrinhos sandwich he ate at Gazela in his final TV series Parts Unknown and also another sandwich - the Francesinha which he also ate.

So it was Gazela time and we entered the tiled one  room cafe and it was packed, not a table free BUT we were told that we could sit at the bar (this is what I wanted anyway, just as Anthony did) so our first order was two rich espressos (just a euro each) then it was time for our first taste of a Cachorrinho (or hotdog as they call it) a baguette filled with both Salsicha and Linguica sausages and Flamengo cheese then grilled and brushed with Piri Piri butter then cut into bite size pieces (of course I bought lots of the sausages, cheese and sauce to bring home)

After a glass of Super Bock it was time for sandwich number two - the Fanceschina with a portion of crispy fries...this mighty sandwich consists of toasted bread with a filling of grilled steak, ham and sausage then richly covered with cheese and grilled then topped with a fried egg then a rich tomato and beer sauce is poured over - so rich, so filling, so delicious.
It's moments like this that we'll both treasure forever, lifelong memories.

Anthony Bourdain (with the grey hair)

After shopping and sight seeing it was time for Linda's "must do bar" and this was a bar I knew nothing about, so it was a 20 minute taxi ride around the bay to the Matosinhos area of town, this was a much flatter coastal resort (a change to the steep hills of Porto) and the bar in question was Hop Trip - this was a colourful bar adorned with flags from all around the world.

Beer consists of 15 taps and a couple of fridges crammed with bottles and cans, our first choice a tropical Little Rain by Spanish brewery Under Pressure with Linda opting for an American Blonde Ale - both wonderful.

Next was a Phantasm 11% Triple NEIPA from Lupum brewery and for me a Pyramid Scheme 11% Barley Wine from Portuguese brewery Dois Corvos (btw all the beers we had from tap are the smaller option, half pint measure).

After that it was time for something a bit lighter in the form of a Fruit Crush (raspberry, peach and Tonka bean sour) from Dois Corvos and a Hasta La Vista Baby (Double Black Whisky IPA) then it was time to pay the fridges a visit.

It was during this session that the two owners and their two Golden Retriever dogs walked in (one of the dogs feature on the bars logo) and were greeted with a warm hello, soon after we were chatting about beer, bars, trips away and back to beer.

Time for one last beer and buy lots of cans to bring home and during Linda's fridge raiding the female owner appears with gifts of beer glasses and a tote bag for us to bring home - such amazing hospitality.

Heartfelt goodbyes with the promise to share them the link to this report, it's no surprise that Hop Trip and Catraio rank so highly with us, amazing bars, amazing beers and truly amazing hospitality

What a perfect day it had been, tomorrow is my birthday.

Jay  t_u

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